May 17,2014 Twitter

  • Sakupan: I think humans are a mystery. Although they are laughing or crying right now, who knows they may pass away tomorrow. When I realized this, I became to think I must take care family and friends very well.
  • DVL: Thanks for everything^^
  • Sakupan: Thanks too(~▽~@)♪♪♪
  • DVL: That emoticon gave a soft expression👍
  • Sakupan: I tend to do that. Luv ya* ( it's embarrassing to normally say I love you) *attached a picture*
  • *he use "aishitoto" instead of "aishiteru(I love you)" idk how to translate this lol
  • DVL: #TheRabitCosting2MillonYen #Earnestness #DroppingWalletsIntoSumidaRiverCeremony #HakodaWhoStopIt *attached a picture*
  • Sakupan: ♯IwillTreasureThisRabbitForever ♯ItCantHelpToBelieveInSth
  • ♯HakodaWillTry ♯CantBeUseLikeThis (he meant how they use hashtag)
  • DVL: #OfCourse but worse than wrong using, wrong symbol using occurred
  • ( Sakupan didn't use # but ♯ )
  • Sakupan: #IFoundIt #ICantCatchUpWithThisModernDay
  • DVL: #ItsLikeLivingInPinkOcean #WannaTrySwimimg (SNSD Jessica said this in their concert)
  • Sakupan: #WhatAboutMrMrDancing
  • DVL: #MisutaMisuta ( pronouncing Mr.Mr. In JP style)
  • devisaku: